2018 Review Series I: 我眼中的黃炳—古根海姆《單手擊掌》展評

「在一次又一次被黃炳的藝術功力征服之後,我也意識到,黃炳已成為一個獨特現象:從一個在網絡上傳播離經叛道的青年文化的姿態,到如今在全球藝術市場、大型美術館展覽中被奉為天才藝術家,他的冒起將影響未來幾年的藝術市場和藝術史的走向。」— 吳佩悅 Peiyue Wu (CJC 2014)

Five things you do that make you look like a fool at an art exhibition

It is great to see more and more art lovers in Hong Kong and across the region but as a true art aficionado, your love for art means more than just visiting art exhibitions. YOU as an exhibition-goer is the guardian of the artworks on show! It is our responsibility to protect and respect the artworks. And we would like to remind you what NOT to do at an art exhibition.