CJC Outreach x Art Central 2017.001
CJC Outreach mural painting workshop @ Art Central 2017



CJC Outreach is an arts education outreach initiative developed by Cultural Journalism Campus (CJC). Our goal is to bring arts and culture to children and young people who otherwise do not have access to arts and culture. Previously we have partnered with Art Central Hong Kong, Pearl Lam Galleries and Richard X Zawitz. We are open to partnership and long-term collaborations that bring arts and culture to the community.

Read our media coverage here in HK01.

Highlights of past events:

CJC Outreach Papinee World 2016
CJC Outreach at Papinee World @ Pearl Lam Galleries SOHO 2017
CJC Outreach Richard x kids
We had a great time with Richard X Zawitz at his solo exhibition at Exchange Square. 


Photo 23-3-2017, 10 47 16 AM
CJC Outreach ink art workshop @ Art Central 2017