Eden Jang is a second-year student studying journalism and fine arts at the University of Hong Kong. As a vigorous culturephile, she is interested in the ever-shifting patterns of culture and how its proliferating pace of progress manifests in different mediums. Cultural journalism is an outlet where she can provide insightful reporting, analysis and a clearer view on complicated cultural issues. Currently working in the editorial department of Asia Art Archive, Eden has strong aspirations to increase her knowledge in arts and culture.

Iqra Abbasi is a computer science and art history student at the University of Hong Kong. While programming and art are disciplines that don’t usually overlap, these two areas of study have plenty in common and they complement each other in terms of finding solutions to modern, complex problems. Technology and art go hand in hand in fully developing a critical view of the world around us. Iqra wishes to spread the wondrous feeling technology and art gives her by teaching young kids in her home country, Pakistan and hopes to make art accessible, easy-to-digest, and fun after she graduates. She is this year’s student designer and handles social media. 

Fitz Suen graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Working as an independent filmmaker, photographer and film critic after graduation, she has had the opportunity to express herself through different writing and creative projects. Her short film Sketches was officially selected by the London City Film Awards, and she hopes to record and show the world through an aesthetic perspective.

Ng Wai-ling is a third-year student majoring in cultural management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is passionate about all forms of art, and especially likes film and new media. Wai Ling believes that art has the power to advance social inclusion, and she is dedicated in archiving the stories found in the world of art.

Kari Lindberg was a nutritionist before plunging herself headfirst into the constantly swirling vortex of freelance journalism. Topics she has covered include human trafficking, the American prison system, Guatemalan indigenous rights, and all things to do with art. A current Master of Journalism student at the University of Hong Kong, she hopes to further explore her passion in arts and culture through journalistic means. On a side note, she speaks English, Mandarin, Spanish and a smattering of Swedish.

Athena Chan is a freelance writer, graphic designer, music producer and DJ currently in her final year of studying journalism at the University of Hong Kong. As an interest-driven individual, she is devoted to culture, film and music. She is also the co-founder of Film Metacine, a bilingual English and Chinese website that focuses on movies, film festivals and interviews with directors.

Alexas Wing Yee Ng is a journalist in training who is keen to understand the connection between people, society and the arts. She seeks to learn through Cultural Journalism Campus the skills necessary to create engaging cultural reporting that fosters critical reflection and offers value in the public sphere.

Regina Chen is a second-year English journalism student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She considers Hong Kong a vibrant hub where she can emerge herself in the many forms of art. Working as a student reporter for the university’s English magazine, she believes in the power of communication and aims to gain more insight into society and different cultures.

Kelly Jiawen Le is a Master of Journalism student at the Journalism and Media Study Centre of the University of Hong Kong. Passionate about film and the fine arts, she thinks that many untold emotions and thoughts can be conveyed through a single piece of artwork. She is eager to tell the stories found behind the artists and the art to a broader public.

Jessel Duque was a recipient of the 2018 Purita Kalaw Ledesma Prize for Art Criticism. She earned her Bachelors and Masters of Art in Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines. She was also a fellow at the UST’s J. Elizalde Navarro Workshop on Criticism and the IYAS Creative Writing Workshop. Through the Cultural Journalism Campus, she hopes to gain a broader perspective on how to facilitate conversations on art in the classroom and beyond. She currently teaches art, literature and Filipino soap operas at De La Salle University Manila.

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