AUDREY IHNE is studying for a Master’s degree in Journalism at The University of Hong Kong. Armed with a camera and seven languages, Audrey has been attending cultural events such as Art Basel and the Montreux Jazz and Locarno Film Festivals since childhood. Swiss national Audrey, 24, has explored and lived in some of the world’s most inspiring cities including Berlin, St Petersburg, Singapore and now Hong Kong. Drawn by the contrasts of the city’s cultural life, she chose to study journalism and began her career here. She has already been a contributor to the South China Morning Post and by taking part in Cultural Journalism Campus’ CJC Fellowship during the Hong Kong Art Week; Audrey hopes to learn more about the local cultural scene.

BENNY KUNG, 21, is a final year journalism student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is curious about the world, and enjoys talking to people face-to-face. He believes being a journalist grants him the privilege to explore and his goal is to become a reporter after graduation. Hong Konger Benny might not have excelled in visual arts as a teenager, but that has not stopped him from appreciating the creative arts. He finds decoding the messages behind works of art intriguing and believes that a good cultural reporter should be able to communicate the meaning of art to a wider audience, especially in Hong Kong. He has previously done an internship with Reuters and worked for Now TV.

CHARMAINE CLAIRE GAPASIN is studying Media and Publishing at HKU Space. Captivated by the colourful world of art and culture, she enjoys English literature, dance, fashion, web design and well-written books that take her to another place where time becomes trivial. Charmaine, 21, from Hong Kong, launched her popular blog, à la Charms, a blend of light-hearted commentary and humour, last year.

CHARMAINE NG graduated and worked in architecture before switching to what she really loves: writing. Now, the 22-year-old Hong Konger is studying for a Master’s degree in Journalism at The University of Hong Kong and working part-time for HK Magazine. With plenty of experience as well as a bucket load of interest in art and design, she hopes to deepen her understanding of culture and the arts through the written word.

DANICA FUNG is a final year student at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Cultural and Heritage Management. She has a simple dream, to inspire others though her work. Danica, 21, from Hong Kong, loves interactions between people and treasures every conversation. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Hong Kong. She loves the old saying, “walking a thousand miles is better than reading a thousand books”. She loves to get off trains and buses randomly and start walking, taking photos and writing captions along the way. Streets are windows for her to catch a glimpse of local culture and character. She is also an active participant in arts and cultural events, especially those featuring film, painting and music.

EMILY CHUNG is in the final year of her Journalism and Communication degree at The Chinese University ofHong Kong. Her interests include film, books, the arts and travel. Hong Kong born Emily, 22, has spent the past year living in Paris, where she made good use of her student ID by visiting as many exhibitions as possible. Her personal goals include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, taking part in the Olympics and publishing a book.

GODRIC LEUNG is a final year student at the School of Journalism and Communication at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He believes a society without art is like a human without a soul. He sees art as a powerful and effective tool to deliver messages to audiences. With the experience acquired from his studies, Hong Kong born Godric, 21, would like to share the stories behind works of art, artists and galleries with the general public through words.

KANIS LEUNG is a final year journalism student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong born Kanis, 22, sees art as a medium to connect human souls, because it brings out the beauty of humanity. Art provides her with world stage on which to dance. Her passion is visiting galleries on her travels. Kanis looks forward to writing and further developing her journalistic knowledge about local, national and international affairs through working for an influential media organisation, whilst promoting a just and humanistic society through writing.

JASMINE MAK is a second year student of advertising at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. Art and design are key components of her life. She believes great art and design can make the world a better place. Hong Konger Jasmine, 20, likes telling stories through her design work and dreams that some day one of her designs or advertisements will change the world. Bringing positive energy to people is another of her life goals.