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Di Liu graduated from Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom and Peking University in China. She has worked for the Research Department of Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Christie’s London as well as independent curatorial projects. She is an aspiring art writer and was a finalist of the International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC) 2016.

Dorby Leung is a second-year university student studying Advertising Design at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. She likes to visit different countries, exhibitions and watching movies because these activities give her a chance to learn more about design and art, which has enriched her knowledge and has given her inspiration for her own creations. She believes design and art improve people’s satisfaction with life.

Emily Cheung is a third-year student at Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in International Journalism. She believes in the journalistic power of building connection between society and its people. She is passionate about reporting on what is undiscovered in a city, especially on unexposed art work and culture. She aspires to work as a video journalist that captures significant moments in time with her camera and words.

Gabriel Yiu is a Master of Journalism candidate at the University of Hong Kong and a graduate of City University of Hong Kong, where he majored in English Studies. He believes in the potential of art to drive social change, and enjoys exploring the intersection between art, culture and philosophy, where inspiring messages are made all the more powerful through beautiful forms. He is currently a news intern at Reuters, where he reports on Hong Kong’s politics, society, economy and financial markets. He is also a social media content producer at the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative, where he helps to promote documentary films directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Ruby Yang.

Inga Nelli is a German artist based in Hong Kong since 2013. She is a final year student of Fine Arts (Painting) at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong. A traveller at heart, Inga has been exposed to a variety of cultures and different sets of aesthetic principles. This irrevocably altered her philosophies and her understanding of the world – a world where art is the highest form of hope. Inga is a mother of a 2-year old daughter who is her greatest inspiration.

Jasmine Mak is a third-year student of Advertising at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. Art and design are key components of her life and she believes great art and design can make the world a better place. She likes telling stories through her design work and dreams that one day her designs or advertisements will change the world. Bringing positive energy to people is one of her life goals.

Joana Carla Schertenleib is studying in the MA Cultural Publishing program at the Zurich University of the Arts. During her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts she had the opportunity to express herself as an artist and become well grounded in art history and art philosophy. This passion is the reason she focuses on art criticism and this interest has led her to various fields in the art scene. Her goal is to practice the journalistic forms of writing and to gain a deeper insight into the international art market.

Kate Whitebread is a curator and writer studying Cultural Publishing at the Zurich University of the Arts, following a first degree in Art History and Theory at the University of Essex, UK. She currently curates the project space LINKS in Bern, Switzerland and works as a freelance translator and gallery manager.

Lu Wang is a graduate student of Asian Studies at the University of Tokyo. She is writing her thesis on journalistic professionalism in Hong Kong and hopes to get a closer look at the media environment through a fellowship with the Cultural Journalism Campus. By studying abroad in Japan, the United States and Russia, and through internship experience, she has been exposed to a world of art that she believes can open up people’s minds for mutual understanding. Lu aims to witness and write about people’s lives in different cultures and societies as a journalist.

Maggie Leung is a final year student at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, majoring in Journalism and Communication. She likes all forms of the arts, especially literature, drama and film. Eager to be inspired by other professional artists, she is a budding director that aims to work in the film industry after graduation. She has produced more than ten dramatic works, short films and music videos and believes that self-cultivation is important for art creation. She wishes to widen her horizons by attending more art and culture related activities.

Dawn Tsang is a journalism major at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She aspires to become a writer or a documentary filmmaker who produces stories that inspire others through words and motion pictures. Travelling and arts are very important to her and she loves Chinese literature, contemporary dance, drama. Amazing experiences she has had include a six-month student exchange in Taiwan and a one month busking trip in Eastern Europe.