About Cultural Journalism Campus


CJC Fellowship 2014

Cultural Journalism Campus (CJC) is an award-winning non-profit educational initiative founded by Vivienne Chow. It aims to raise the profile of cultural journalism and art criticism and promote art appreciation in Asia and beyond. CJC offers aspiring young journalists and critics a unique learning opportunity to polish their skills under the guidance of media veterans and leaders of the arts and cultural sector in a professional media setting.

CJC Fellowship 2016

Since our inauguration in 2014, CJC has organised a series of seminars, forums and workshops for aspiring cultural journalists and art critics from Hong Kong, mainland China, South Korea and Switzerland. With generous support from our partners, including Goethe-Institut Hongkong, Arts in Heritage Research and our current partner MILL6 Foundation, our programmes have benefited more than 200 young people over the past three years.

CJC Fellowship 2015

The annual CJC Fellowship, which takes place at Art Basel in Hong Kong, offers young writers a unique experience of the art world. They also receive hands-on media training through the production of Culture Express, our newspaper that is distributed at Art Basel. In 2015, CJC was awarded Merit in Arts Education by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In 2016, CJC also begins to develop an arts education outreach programme for disadvantaged children.

For more details about CJC, please visit our website, watch our video, and follow us on Facebook

About Vivienne Chow, Founding Director of Cultural Journalism Campus

Vivienne ChowVivienne Chow is an award-winning journalist and critic specialising in arts, culture and cultural politics. She currently works as an independent writer and contributes to many international media including Variety,  Quartz,  Artsy, BBC World Service’s The Cultural Frontline and The Arts Hour as well as the South China Morning Post. She also lectures on culture and media at universities.

In 2014 Vivienne founded Cultural Journalism Campus, a non-profit educational initiative to promote cultural journalism and art criticism in association with Goethe-Institut Hongkong. The initiative was awarded a Merit in Arts Education by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2015. CJC continues in 2016 with the support from MILL6 Foundation. 

Vivienne has written extensively on arts, culture and cultural politics locally and abroad over the past two decades. She was named one of the world’s best young journalists while representing HK at the inaugural Berlinale Talent Press in 2004 at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2015, Vivienne was awarded the prestigious IJP Fellowship for mid-career journalism training and research cultural policies in Berlin, Germany.

Previously Vivienne spent a total of 15 years at the SCMP covering arts, culture and cultural politics, such as the 2014 Umbrella Movement (Occupy Central) from a unique cultural perspective

 Vivienne holds a degree in journalism from CUHK and a master’s degree in cultural studies from HKU researching cultural policy. Her MA dissertation Chinese elitism and neoliberalism: post-colonial Hong Kong cultural policy development: a case study is logged in the HKU libraries. She recently contributed an essay on Hong Kong’s cultural industries to Creativity and Culture in Contemporary Greater China by Bridge21 Publications. 

Follow Vivienne’s updates on Twitter @VivienneChow

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Contact Vivienne at vivienne@viviennechow.com

MILL6 Foundation

160301_key_visual_test4_POSTCARDMILL6 Foundation is a non-profit arts and cultural institution and a registered charity in Hong Kong. Established in 2015 and as part of The Mills heritage conservation project, the space is expected to complete in 2018.

As an arts and cultural institution centered on textile arts in Hong Kong, MILL6 curates a series of programs consisting of: Permanent Collection, Exhibition, Community Engagement, Learning, Artist-in- Residence, Heritage and Public Art, to foster independent creative practice, as well as to explore new meanings and experience of textile arts and techstyle innovation with local communities. The non-profit institution is committed to preserving the essence of local culture and heritage, conserving the valued stories of the textile industry, and driving a continuous dialogue between Hong Kong and international creators. Our exhibitions and activities provide a way to ‘look out’ to the outside world for local creative and communities, and a way to ‘look in’ for international creative and communities to learn about Hong Kong.

For more information, please visit http://mill6.org.hk/.


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