By Regina Chen

Sculptor David Altmejd combines science, magic, science fiction, and Gothic romanticism in his work. The Vibrating Man at White Cube gallery in Hong Kong, is his first solo show in Asia.  Born in 1974 in Montreal, Altmejd lives and works in New York City.

Q: There are many sculpted heads in your artworks. Why did you choose to sculpt heads?

A: [Sometimes] I feel that they are looking at me while I am looking at them. Is the sculpture making me, or am I making the sculpture?

Q: Holes can often be seen in the sculptures. What message do you want to deliver through them?

A: I am not really aware of the meaning they have when creating them. In my mind, it [feels] more positive, it is like making the object breathe or letting the energy circulate.

Q: In some of your artworks, painting tools can be seen. What is their relation with the sculptures?

A: I like the idea that the work is making it itself. All the tools that I use to make the work stay in the work. Like I used the pencils to make the work, so I decided to leave the pencils in.

Q: What is the inspiration for your artwork?

A: I started meditating a couple of years ago, so I am very aware of every aspect of energy.

Q: You said that your meditation experiences have inspired your artwork. Is there here which is a self-portrait?

A: In a certain way, I am in all of these pieces. There is no difference between me, the work, and the world. They are all connected. If I make a self-portrait, it will have to be my most important and ultimate piece.

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