It is great to see more and more art lovers in Hong Kong and across the region but as a true art aficionado, your love for art means more than just visiting art exhibitions. YOU as an exhibition-goer are a guardian of the artworks on show! It is our responsibility to protect and respect the art. And we at CJC would like to remind you what NOT to do at an art exhibition

1. Touch the artwork

We thought this was a no-brainer but in fact, people do touch the artwork all the time! DO NOT touch the artwork unless you are asked to …


Or … unless you are the artist.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-15 at 10.20.52 PM
Jeff Koons with his sculpture at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2018.

2. Bring in food and drink (and then spill them)

We spotted this earlier at Art Basel in Hong Kong. Walking through some 200 gallery booths spread across two large exhibition halls is indeed exhausting and we all need food and drink to replenish our energy. But let’s finish eating and drinking in the designated areas instead of taking them with us when visiting the artworks.


3. Talk loudly

CJC encourages the discussion of arts and culture but this does NOT mean turning an art gallery or exhibition into a stage for loud debates. We have the responsibility of maintaining a quiet and relaxing environment for fellow art lovers to enjoy the exhibition. Keep your voice down, please!


4. Let your kids loose

We know you love your kids. But loving them does not mean you let them run around and do whatever they want. We have seen many parents letting their children loose at not just art exhibitions but also other public places like shopping malls, restaurants and public transport. You as a parent might enjoy the sight of your adorable kid running around freely, but most other people sharing the public space with you certainly don’t! Be a good parent and discipline your children, especially at art exhibitions. You do not want to be the parent of this child who ruined this work by Yves Klein and made the news headlines 👇

Photo: Internet

5. Be a selfie queen (or king)

It’s okay to take pictures of artworks and share them with friends on social media but taking a selfie with the artwork? Sorry, we really do not understand the logic here. Why do you think having a picture of you posing next to the artwork will make you or the artwork look better? It only destroys the artwork and makes you look stupid.


That is unless you’ve been invited to do so.


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