Hong Kong’s long-awaited Art Week is upon us – are you ready? Adding to the excitement this year is the opening of H Queens, a central Hong Kong tower built to house galleries that include some of the biggest names in the art world.

With a dazzling array of events jam-packed into a mere seven days, it’s not easy to stay in top form at all times throughout the week.

But fret not! With the CJC Survival Kit, you’ll have no problem staying fresh and alert. Whether you’re a discerning collector or complete newbie, breeze through Art Week with our top tips and recommendations below.


With the AC on full blast, free flowing champagne and Hong Kong’s humidity, no doubt your face will become dry and tired. Freshen up with a face mist spritz and your pores will thank you. Keep a bottle handy, and whenever the crowds get unbearable or right before a photo-op to reduce shine or tightness, and you’ll be re-energized to finish the rest of the 248 booths showing at Art Basel this year. We recommend something lightly scented or rosewater-based to keep your skin fresh, nicely hydrated, and not tacky. The last thing you want at Art Week is to be tacky.

2. Portable charger 


It’s imperative that your phone has juice. In addition to Instagramming the free champagne at gallery openings (#artpriorities) to make your friends jealous, the phone is indispensable for directions to all the exciting satellite events around the city. Be sure to look out for Instagrammable street art, such as works by the French artist Invader, as you travel to the next exhibition. And stay alert for selfie opportunities: Leonardo DiCaprio showed was spotted at Art Basel in 2016!


3. Chicken essence 


With all the exciting things going on this week, your schedule is pretty much packed. You have to be physically and mentally ready at all times for all the breathtaking artwork. Sadly, we as human beings quickly lose energy. Thinking of staying awake at all times? Red Bull is so yesterday. Try doing it the Chinese way and down chicken essence, a traditional Chinese health supplement that combats fatigue, helps concentration and improves blood. Local kids drink it while preparing for exams and tests; if you can endure the unconventional taste, go and grab one at 7-11 now!

4. Notepad and pen


Another important set of tools you’ll need this week is a notepad and a few reliable pens. Many great ideas have evolved during the reception of art so you want to be ready to write down any genius thoughts that come to mind while experiencing it. You also don’t want to forget any artist’s names (you’ll be able to talk about them later and make everybody believe you’re an expert, so jot them down). Besides, it’s quite handy if a celebrity – Leonardo DiCaprio perhaps – happens to walk by and is keen to give you an autograph.

5. A copy of Culture Express


Last but not least, don’t forget to grab a copy of Culture Express when you’re at Art Basel. If you happen to miss the chance to meet a great artist, don’t worry, we’ll do it for you. Just check out our articles! If you want to stay up to date during the Art Week, make sure you’ve liked and followed our Facebook page and Instagram. Our CJC fellows will show you around Art Basel and Art Central, plus many galleries and exhibitions in Hong Kong. Stay tuned!

Written by Amanda Hui, Ambrose Li, Carmel Yang and Franziska Winkler

Illustration by Laurene Cen

This story is published as part of CJC Fellowship 2018 with the support from Swire Properties’ ArtisTree at Taikoo Place and MG Interactive.



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