Three artists explore different possibilities at MILL6’s ‘Line of Times’ exhibition

By Emily Cheung and Gabriel Yiu

While clocks rule our lives, time itself is an abstract concept, invented by people to lend order to chaos. In the exhibition Lines of the Times, put on by Hong Kong’s MILL6 Foundation, three artists attempt to portray this most intangible idea in concrete ways.

Hong Kong artist Morgan Wong’s Filing Down a Steel Bar Until a Needle is Made aims to investigate the meaning of time to human life. Named after a Chinese allegory that illustrates perseverance and connection between the past and the present, the multimedia work documents Wong’s process of creating a needle by hand that he is chiselling down from a block of steel his own size and weight over the course of his life.

“You never see the end, you never see the start. It kind of gives you a feeling that this project is never-ending,” said Wong, pointing to a monitor showing his ongoing work. “You always know that you cannot capture time, because time just keeps on passing. And this is only a wasted effort in a way.”

Brooklyn-based visual artists Anthony Aziz and Sammy Cucher, also known as Aziz + Cucher are considered pioneers of digitally based fine art photography and have worked with sculpture, animation, textiles and video installation since the early 1990s. In their first exhibition in Hong Kong, they are presenting four large digitally woven tapestries that combine the craftsmanship of the past, depictions of current events and forward-looking technology.

“They describe current issues, like the time when SARS was raging in Hong Kong. Maybe 100 years later, they may look up the historical moments on these works,” said Mizuki Takahashi, the senior curator and co-director of MILL6 Foundation.

Yin-Ju Chen is a multimedia artist from Taiwan who uses a combination of video, drawings and photography to create installations. Inspired by both Eastern and Western philosophy, her Extrastellar Evaluations II seek to reveal the connection between astrology and human history through line drawings and audio-visual projections to contemplate the uncertainty of human fate.

Lines of the Times runs from 11 March to 2 April at the MILL6 Pop-up Space at The Annex. For more details please click here.

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